Aloha Nui Loa (Kauai Part III)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy hump day! I'm having quite the full week. In my job, the start of the school year means rushing and meetings and long days and events. It's going to be a great but busy season. What will your fall look like?

But wait, it's not fall yet. Let's look back on summer a bit more. Here's another glimpse of this dreamy place for Wanderlust Wednesday. These ones are some of my faves. Kauai is so filled with color.

Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

{a very fuzzy and moody photo of the golden gate}
It's about time for my occasional spew of thoughts about anything and everything I'm up to. My mind has been on overdrive lately, so please take that as a warning! What have you been up to lately? Currently I'm...


Listening to... Lucius. They're my jam. Poppy, upbeat, with amazing percussion. I saw the band play at Outside Lands and it was by far my favorite performance of the day. They have such a cool style and stage presence, and I love how the girls sing in unison - it has such a cool sound to it. Give 'em a try. I've also been rocking out to Anders because Jimbo and I are going to see him this weekend. 

Debating....whether or not to get a MacBook. I think I want one. I know I need a new laptop. But do I need one yet? Is it worth the splurge? I'm thinking about the Macbook Pro Retina (so shmancy). I'll be transitioning to Mac for the first time, which I think is the right choice but it feels like a huge decision - I might as well be moving across the country or something. Woe is me (#problemsthatarentproblems).

Doing... many travels and excursions with my visitors! First my lovely young cousin, and then my bestie and her boyfriend made the long cross-country haul over here to explore SF and pay me a visit. We've been using our visitors as an excuse to explore the city, Sonoma, Mt. Tam, Muir Beach, Bodega Bay, and Oakland over these past few weeks. It was a much needed taste of home. 

Reading... the news. Lately it seems to be a bit more sad than usual, and more deserving of attention. I tend to stay away from details on current events over here on the 'log but I think it's worth noting how it's been affecting me lately. If you're a news avoider like I used to be, here are some recommended ways to get the news in an easily digestible format: theSkimm and The Everygirl's News Now.

Watching... well I'm almost embarrassed to say it...but I'll just say Jimbo started it (and that makes it okay). We've been watching Archer on Netflix. There's something so wonderful and easy about an easy 1/2 hour comedy in which each episode rarely relates to the next. Feel like watching something but don't have time for a full movie? Archer. Feel like zoning out and having the occasional chuckle? Throw on an Archer. Pam makes me laugh. 

Stressing over... My photo organization. It. Is. A. Mess. Oh my goodness just thinking about it gives me heart palpitations. I haven't had my own personal computer in a long time - I've been able to avoid it for awhile now for various reasons. But due to this, my photos are here there and everywhere. Phone, iPad, this computer, that computer, this external hard drive, that external hard drive, Flickr, Facebook etc. It's a scary thing. I heart photos and I want all of mine from my whole life to exist for ever and ever. If I get my new computer soon, I'm hoping that will spur a re-org. Any tips on how your keep your photos stored and organized??

Excited about...heading back East in September to see all my homies :). It's going to be a whirlwind trip - in just 10 days we'll be covering Boston, Cape Cod, Jersey Shore, and PA, trying to see any and all friends and family we can get our hands on. I absolutely can't wait.

Craving...SLEEP. I just can't get enough of it lately! I think my body is trying to hibernate before the big busy boom of the fall that my job requires. Ain't nobody got time for that. It's time for energy. I'm trying to be consistent with my bed and wake-up times, getting back into mindfulness, and eating healthy - crossed fingers that I get back on an energy spree soon :). 

Happy hump day, friends! 

Hele Mei Hoohiwahiwa (Kauai Part II)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The longer I stretch out this Kauai photo-dump, the longer I can keep revisiting these memories and going back in time. So please forgive me as I force you to do that with me :). In my next post I'll share the fun details of where we stayed, ate, explored and played, but for now, some photos + captions will do.

What is sour sop??? Freaking delicious, that's what.
Just a light tap tap taparoo
A kayak ride under the prettiest tree. 
Our tour of the Napali Coast had to be our favorite part of the whole trip. 
Such outstanding beauty!! 
Fishing in a sea cave.
These little cardinals are adorable.
Hanalei Bay captured our hearts for-ev-er.
A morning paddle.

Rabbit Rabbit + Links

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy August, my people! Rabbit rabbit. It's going to be a beautiful month.

This weekend, we will be taking it easy. It's a rare weekend of nothing amidst many weekends with many plans. Temps have been in the high 90s (at least) all week, so I hope to keep myself poolside and/or seaside all weekend.

I hope you have some good days planned for yourselves!


Here are some good links to send you on your way:

Have you checked out t.e.l.l. New England yet? It's oh so beautiful. Makes me miss New England a lot.

I love this list of 7 letters to write before you turn 70 - letter writing is such a lovely lost art that I feel I missed out on (being born a bit too late). I think I'll add some of these letters to my to-do list.

You haven't seen a Boston T map like this before - it charts out the best bar within walking distance of each T stop. I love it!

You may have heard about ways to workout at your desk before, but this all-inclusive list of 33 ways to "deskercise" actually makes me want to try it.

This article is all about something I've been working on this year - not letting perfectionism stop me from giving something a try and just doing my best at it. Worth a read!

Have you checked out these city guides offered by Design Sponge yet? (I linked to the ones in Mass. because, well, I love it.)

A Hui Hou Kauai (Until we meet again)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ah hello. Long time no see. I've been in Never Never Land for a while, taking a looong break from everything (except my partner in crime of course). It was wonderful! But I'm glad to be back, fully refreshed.

We were in Kauai, Hawaii (aka paradise), for two glorious weeks. Since then I've been on a week-long vacation hangover - my brain waking up slowly each day, my fingers feeling too jello-ey to type, my skin aching for warm waves and my tongue having daily cravings for poke and lau lau. Any tips on how to get (mentally) back to real life??

Well a photo share probably won't help matters, but I just can't help it. I might share some of the real camera pics later, we'll see (no promises until my Hawaiian brain wakes up thoroughly), but here are some iPhone captures::

Please, no trashum. 
So much plumeria. 
Polihale beach. 
Waimea Canyon
Kalalau lookout.

Aaaamazing breakfast bowl at Java Kai
Exploring Hanapepe. 
I saw all of my favorite sunsets. 
Our absolute favorite lunch stop (we went 5 times): Hanalei Taro and Juice Co.

I hope you're all able to shut off for a week or two this summer as well - it's oh so good for the soul :). 
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